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Essential Tips for Surviving the Age of Voice Search

“Voice search is the most significant development to hit SEO since Google debuted.” That quote may sound like a hot take, but statistics describing the growing usage of voice search resoundingly back it up. 20% percent of all online searches in 2016 were voice searches, according to a Mary Meeker report. Comscore predicts that half […]

6 Practices for Developing a Solid 2019 Marketing Budget

The world of marketing is an ever-changing, continually-evolving landscape. Algorithms change, tactics adapt based on new information, and so the marketing practices that accompany your specific strategies must change as well. There’s very little chance that your marketing plan in 2018 looks the same as your marketing plan for 2017 — and your plan for […]

Chatbots: All Hype or Truly Revolutionary?

Facebook has changed the digital marketing world in so many ways. Apart from its robust advertising platform that allows businesses to target their ideal customer base within specific geographic and demographic parameters, one otherwise-overlooked feature is also gaining traction: Facebook Messenger. Though normally reserved for personal communications, companies have started to develop chatbots to act […]

Engaging Your Alumni With GeoDirect

A New Way to Engage Your Alumni We’ve all received the cold calls, seen the generic emails, and the snail mail with pictures of happy students and a return address for donations. This has been the extent of alumni engagement for the last 80+ years. Did it work? Yes. Does it work today? Nope. Alumni […]