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12 Reasons Why Branding is Critical For Small Business Success

Branding is not just for large corporations with big budgets for marketing. Small businesses need branding for success in a world where concepts, services and products are often copied and used by competitors. A brand stands alone as the ultimate definition of a company, what it does and how customers feel about it. Not convinced? […]

Mobile Experience MUST Be A Priority For Brands

Let’s face it: The world is going more mobile by the minute. Websites and online stores that used to boast a large percentage of the market share on desktop computers are now struggling to keep up with the boost in mobile usage – a number that is growing every day. Companies must start to prioritize […]

Engaging Your Alumni With GeoDirect

A New Way to Engage Your Alumni We’ve all received the cold calls, seen the generic emails, and the snail mail with pictures of happy students and a return address for donations. This has been the extent of alumni engagement for the last 80+ years. Did it work? Yes. Does it work today? Nope. Alumni […]

Digital Marketing – 8 Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

Digital marketing. It’s a vital component of survivability in today’s age. As marketers ourselves, we’ve seen the mega shift that has occurred in the way that companies are  now able to promote and advertise themselves, and engage with audiences across Internet platforms. We also see on the horizon the rise of even more digital marketing […]

Digital Advertising: 6 Signs You’re Doing it All Wrong

Ever heard the name Ethan Zuckerman? If you haven’t, you most likely know his work. In a 2014 article in The Atlantic, Zuckerman admits that he is the architect behind one of the most hated features of traveling online: pop-ads. Calling them the internet’s “original sin,” Zuckerman calls on marketers to find a better way […]

Essential Tips for Surviving the Age of Voice Search

“Voice search is the most significant development to hit SEO since Google debuted.” That quote may sound like a hot take, but statistics describing the growing usage of voice search resoundingly back it up. 20% percent of all online searches in 2016 were voice searches, according to a Mary Meeker report. Comscore predicts that half […]